Ion Sur

Ion Sur

Ion SurIon Sur – Creator: Foto/ photo: Jan Brockhaus, © Ion Sur. All rights reserved.

Ion Sur regards his paintings as probability fields; in his artistic process he works with the combination of sound and image composition. He tries to transcribe the two-dimensional image with the help of sound and motion elements into an interactive medium while repeatedly questioning the critical viewing and listening habits of the audience. His minimalist oil paintings therefore form the basis of abstract movements that, instead of rigid fixation, allow the forms to dance across the canvas becoming the process of dynamic form-finding depending on the movement of the viewer.

For Rohkunstbau the artist has created several sound patterns that include the viewers as active parts of his paintings. As one approaches the pictures, the geometric figures change on the screen. They change their size and appear to move on the canvas. What first seems to be an optical illusion becomes certainty as the viewer closes in on the work. In his works, Ion Sur combines the classic painting style with cutting-edge sound equipment; the movement of the observer is detected, transferred onto the canvas and implemented there. This interaction between viewer and image opens up endless possibilities of combination and implementation and are therefore in an unpredictable relativity to one another; space and time dissolve.


Ion Sur studied composition, piano, electronic music, film music composition and art history at the Universities of Music in Leipzig, Dresden, Ludwigsburg and Halle.

His artistic work is cross-genre and multi-faceted. As a composer for film music, theater music, music for art and sound installations, he is devoted to adapting new mindsets in his artistic work and he operates at the interface of art and science.

Ion Sur cooperates closely with the artist Brigitte Waldach. They created numerous sound installations, for instance for the Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, artBrussel; Galerie Ron Mandos Amsterdam; Galerie Senda, Barcelona; Kunsthalle Emden and for Rohkunstbau, Villa Kellermann, Potsdam.