What is Beam 21?

What is Beam 21?

BEAM 21 is developing and implementing capacity building training programms for European municipalities on municipal climate protection and intelligent energy meassures (self-directed, supervised online-learning and on-site training). Facing the relevance of energy for the economy of the European States and considering global crises, the question of energy conserving and intelligent energy management is one of the decisive questions to achieve European climate protection targets. Municipalities are one of the most important players to reduce GHG emissions. BEAM 21 steps in at this point supporting local capacity building.

The key objectives are …

… to encourage municipalities to address intelligent energy concepts and take relevant measures within the bounds of their possibilities that result in GHG savings and
… to contribute to the achievement of the EU commitments in terms of promotion of energy savings, renewable energy sources and climate change mitigation.


The main project steps are …

…to develop and regularly update capacity building training programs within the context of an interactive e-learning platform in nine languages adapted to the needs of decision-makers and municipal staff
… to deliver capacity building training with regard to energy and climate change to municipal decision-makers and municipal staff in 50 municipalities of the partner countries and
… to enable additional trainers to deliver capacity building training sessions using the methodology and contents developed in the project.


Our project results …

… decision-makers and municipal staff are trained on sustainable energy measures and action plans across 50 communities in nine EU countries
… additional trainers are enabled by the partners to deliver the trainings in accordance with the blended methodology of the project
… municipalities take appropriate decisions and/or start implementing adequate measures to improve their carbon footprint, foster energy savings, the use of renewable energy sources or to develop sustainable energy action plans