Davide Skerlj, "Heart", video still, 2016. Creator: Davide Skerlj. All rights reserved.

On billboards and advertising pillars in the Austrian cities of Graz, Bruck an der Mur, Leoben, Judenberg and Weiz, one can find at present 150 posters showing various artists-composed slogans dealing with the so-called “Sold out” of social values in times of crisis.

By using propaganda and antipropaganda as an esthetical guideline, six artists from different backgrounds deal with the discrepancy between interests of economic and financial markets and social values and needs like humanity, identity, art, culture, education. The exhibition aims at encouraging reflection and public debate about basic social values and asks critical questions about the social fabrics of society.

The participating artists are Sarah Bildstein with her series of posters “Capitalist Vision“, Luise Kloos with „Machen Sie sich selbst ein Bild“, Mothers of MOLOCH with „Wie von selbst“, Roanna Rahman with „Koranverse“ and  Josip Zanki with „Die festliche Garnitur – Hilfsmittel beim Schreiben“.

Besides the posters, Davide Skerljs’ Video “Heart” is shown in the month of July in every tramway and bus in the city of Graz and is also screened at the square Jakominiplatz in the city center of Graz.  


The exhibition is organized by next-Verein für zeitgenössische Kunst and will be shown during the months of July and August 2016 and again in 2017 at Künstlerhaus Wien.

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