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Roskow Castle – abundant Baroque and militarism of the 19th century

Roskow Castle was built between 1723 and 1727 by the von Katte family. It is a building from the Baroque period with two median risalits and two short wings. The decorations above the windows and on the risalits point to a militaristic family tradition of the owners. Although the decorations, that are seen today were only applied at the end of the 19th century and rather refer to the militarist attitudes of the historic era. In any case, due to its decorations Roskow presents a non-typical peculiarity of building culture of the Mark and therefore deserves particular attention.

The castle was built by the von Katte family and served as the most representative building, which was founded by this noble family. The von Katte family is native to the region since the 14th century. The manor remained their property until 1945. The family was then expropriated in the course of the land reform. For a short time refugees from Bessarabia were placed in the castle. With the school year of 1953/54 the castle was turned into a village school. In 1963 the entire interior of the building was renovated in order to preserve its functionality. By now the number of pupils in the village is so low that the neighboring new building can house them all. That is where the elementary school is situated today.

Intermittently there was no use for the castle. In 2010 the building was rebought by Bodo Krug von Nidda, member of the von Katte family. Since then efforts have been made to establish the castle as a location of culture and events.

How to find Roskow?

Here you find some directions how to find the Roskow castle. We have collected some information, how to best arrive by car or public transport.

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