Venice 2011


KSA:K - Missing Artist

Missing artist is a project that pops up as a response to the participants selected by the local authorities (Ministry of Culture) to represent the national pavilion of Moldova at the Venice Biennale.


As the introduction to a four-year cycle of shows, the ROHKUNSTBAU XVIII is highlighting the subject of power in its 2011 summer exhibition, in a free interpretation of Wagner's "Ring of the Nibelung"

ACSL - Black Garden

The process of transformation of the national identity into a cultural identity and the rise of awareness as a political subject are of central importance to the artistic work of Archi Galentz


The project 2ND CHANCE by GeoAIR curator Nini Palavandishvili presented five projects submitted by different artists/curators in response to an open call for participation at the 54th Venice Biennale.


The MALLDOVA film covers chronicles through which the authors comment and reflect the current situation of economy, culture, public space, and other aspects of the society of the Republic of Moldova

I Remember Chernobyl

 In the project "I remember Chernobyl", people from all over the world tell their personal memories about the power plant accident in Chernobyl in one to two minute long video statements.