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XXIV. ROHKUNSTBAU 2018: Artist talks

On August 11, 2018, the first XXIV. ROHKUNSTBAU artist talks will take place at Schloss Lieberose. We look forward to interesting discussions with Laura Bruce, GODsDOGs and curator Mark Gisbourne.

By Jan Weisbrod

Mirror of Alterity

Refugees and the Fear of the Other. Contemporary art from Middle and Eastern Europe. What has been a scandal in Bratislava – now to see in Berlin!

Europe has become a refuge for the disregarded and persecuted people in the regions of war and conflict all over the world. The whole of Europe? No, a big part of European populations is frightened by strangers and refuses to welcome refugees. The fear of the unknown stirs up emotions and partly evokes xenophobic affects. Especially in Eastern parts of Europe, a majority of the populations balk at the reception of refugees – while their governments make use of this tense atmosphere by strengthening an increasingly populist and authoritarian style of politics.

XXI. Rohkunstbau - Apokalypse

From June 21, 2015 till September 6, 2015 Rohkunstbau presents its twenty-first edition. Themed “apocalypse” and set against the historic backdrop of Schloss Roskow in the District of Potsdam-Mittelmark, the exhibition presents eleven artists from eight nations.