Serving the people

“The concentration of farmland in Europe has negative ecological and social consequences”. Today 3 per cent of farms controlled half of the agricultural land in Europe. But there is an alternative.

Von Velina Barova

Defending Freedom of Protest

“The working class must strike because another world is possible”. Carlos Zamboni, who had come all the way from Argentina to join the crowds at the Global Solidarity Summit and to talk at a global level about the rights of workers to strike. 

Von Andrada Lăutaru

Cinderella’s Gypsum Dress

Cinderella—this is how speleologists refer to Emil Racoviță cave in Moldova due to its authentic beauty hidden from view behind a muddy outlook. Today this protected natural phenomenon has been stripped of its beauty by a German extraction corporation. And for their part, the Moldovan authorities seem unable and/or unwilling to preserve it.

Von Lucia Tăut