Rohkunstbau XIII. "Three Colours - BLUE White Red"

Rohkunstbau 2006, Three Colours, Not For You, Monica Bonvicini

With XIII. Rohkunstbau "Three Colours - BLUE White Red" we have started a new chapter in the project’s history, replete with new strategic thinking and new directions in content. With all likelihood, we can expect reviews and articles responding to this year’s Rohkunstbau to speak of the social and political ideal of freedom.
Yet what is of the core of the Rohkunstbau trilogy "Three Colours - Blue White Red" and its venue in Gross Leuthen is not primarily a social-political examination. More than two hundred years have passed since Thomas Jefferson, along with Lafayette’s close circle of notable French revolutionaries, formulated the three grand ideals on which democracy is based: freedom, equality and fraternity.
Rohkunstbau wants to question how well we have made these ideals a reality, and what meaning they have today. The Rohkunstbau-trilogy consciously takes up Krzysztof Kieslowski’s trilogy Three Colours: Blue, White, Red as its basis. Like Kieslowski, we are concerned with personal destinies, experiences, and stories in which the private and the individual come to the fore.

This aspect of our concept can be depicted by the artists more clearly in the contemplative seclusion Gross Leuthen offers, which engenders a high level of freedom. But how much freedom is really necessary? The exhibition curator Mark Gisbourne has done a wonderful job of addressing this and related questions in the framework of four different rubrics. In addition, our festival curator Max Schumacher has brilliantly examined the angle we took this year with his inter-disciplinary programme. The contemplative nature of the works and the manner in which they are presented make the topic of the exhibition all the more accessible to the visitor.

This year's artists are:
A K Dolven
Costa Vece
Gregor Schneider
Hannah Dougherty
Langlands & Bell
Melanie Manchot
Michael Wesely
Mona Hatoum
Monica Bonvicini
Sylvie Barré
The Blue Noses
Vasco Araújo

The trilogy also signals the newest strategic phase in Rohkunstbau’s development, which has been in planning for the last few years. Our goal is to bring contemporary art into the centre of discourse, beyond the borders of our home region of Berlin-Brandenburg. The Rohkunstbau-network will hopefully set an example of how art can maintain firm roots in a given region, yet be part of an international network. We also hope to serve as a model for the union of art and cultural education, as well as contribute to cultural and economic growth in East Germany.
We are very pleased with the assistance we have received for our ideas and projects, and would like to express our sincerest thanks for the support. Rohkunstbau is an institution that sees each artist, each visitor, and each patron as an active participant in the project. It is only through them that we are able to continue developing and sharing our ideas – ideas that allow contemporary art to be discovered, and re-discovered, in an independent and individual fashion.

The patron of "Three Colours - Blue White Red" (2006 to 2008) is José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.