Rohkunstbau XIV. "Three Colours - Blue WHITE Red"

Rohkunstbau XIV. Three Colours - Blue WHITE Red, Ayşe Erkmen

Equality, one of the most fundamental democratic principles, is the theme of Rohkunstbau XIV. In the second part of the trilogy "Three Colours-Blue White Red", ten visual and a large number of performing artists will create at Sacrow Mansion site-specific works of art addressing this challenging and timely topic. Following Krzysztof Kieslowski’s famous film trilogy of the same name (1993-94), Rohkunstbau XIV will shift attention to the perspective of the individual.

Indeed, very different stories about equality will be told in the new works and productions by the participating artists, each of whom will be taking a very personal approach to the subject. Equality is possibly best defined by describing what it is not. At least, this is how many of the artists have approached the subject in their works, focusing on themes of exile, dislocation, violence, and sexuality. The omnipresent mass media have also provided ample material for an intense discussion of equality and thus play a similarly important role in the artists’ works. Finally, a number of artists have also drawn on art historical manifestations of equality such a minimalism, concrete art, and geometric abstraction. The organising principle of the exhibition is not a system of theories, but the colour white, which runs through the works like a connecting thread. White, grey, and black – as non-colours or the coexistence of all colours, as light and dark; white as a metaphor for honesty, clarity, or harmony, and black as its opposite – provide a means of orientation, not in a strictly formal or literary sense, but in a literal or metaphorical one. Thus, for two months this summer Sacrow Palace will be transformed into a place to contemplate equality and its myriad possibilities and forms of expression. The curatorial framework will allow an intense, personal exploration of this complex topic, and the palace itself, with its multilayered history, is the ideal setting for this journey to unfold.

The Rohkunstbau exhibiton could be visited from 14th July until . The patron of "Three Colours - Blue White Red" (2006 to 2008) is José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission.

This year's exhibition pieces are created by:
Candice Breitz, South Africa / photography / video
Maria Chevska, Great Britain / painting / installation
Thomas Demand, Germany / photography
Ayse Erkmen, Turkey / installation
Jaroslaw Flicinski, Poland / painting / installation
Ola Kolehmainen, Finland / photography
Thomas Rentmeister, Germany / objects / installation
Gerhard Richter, Germany / painting
Julian Rosefeldt, Germany / photography / video
Gil Marco Shani, Israel / painting