Rohkunstbau XVII. ATLANTIS II "Hidden Histories - Imagined Identities"

XVII. Rohkunstbau. ATLANTIS II "Hidden Histories - Hidden Identities"

In his writings, Plato took as a basis the idea of an Atlantis in order to illustrate his model of society. This turned into a discourse between the philosophers Plato, Aristotle and Socrates about egalitarian and elitist state ideas. This disputation underlays the 17th Rohkunstbau’s theme. So while in 2009, the exhibition dealt with egalitarian ideas – Aristotle’s demos – in 2010 it focussed on the elitist ideas – Plato’s aristos. The theorem of the ideal island nation has been loaded over the centuries with diverse thoughts concerning the lost and recovered, identity and freedom, dissolution and reshaping, as well as in philosophic but also in political regard.

On 4th July the vernissage of the XVII. Rohkunstbau took place as part of the Atlantis II project, implementing an international art cooperation about democracy, political history and identity. José Manuel Barroso, by that time president of the European Comission, found Atlantis II to be "the conclusion of a Europe-wide series of contemporary art events, which once again has prompted ten European artists to deal with the idea of imagination by most different approaches. They had developed works which not least critically grappled with united Europe’s functionality, while having been created specially for this exhibition’s scenery, which is a distinctive feature of Rohkunstbau."

As patron, in the exhibition catalogue Barroso highlighted the "special resonance by media and public" and honoured the "impressing successes of former Rohkunstbau artists". The exhibition were "not only an inherent part of the European artist scenery, but has become renowned beyond our continent’s limits. Each year this project creates an art and culture historical exhibition of outstanding importance." Barroso continues: "My respect towards this art project is especially due to the civic engagement and the enormous passion, which everyone involved contributes year after year."

This time, the contributing artists are:
Cathy de Monchaux
Elisa Sighicelli
Johann Smiatek
Mat Collishaw
Niklas Goldbach
Ori Gersht
Sean Dawson
Stefan Roloff
Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti
Wilhelm Sasnal

The exhibition could be visited until 12th September 2010 in the Mansion of Marquardt.