Frank Nitsche

Frank Nitsche Rohkunstbau 2011

J’aurais voulu être un artiiiiste
Pour avoir le monde à refaire
Pour pouvoir être un anarchiiiiste
Et vivre comme un millionaire!

Working with collages from a range of source materials collected over the years, Frank Nitsche creates artistic compositions which – in a similar way to the constructivists – are based on linear structures. His monochrome pictorial surfaces produce compositions of fluid movement through the lines which seem both to limit them and to grow out of them. His palette ranges from black and white or pastel shades to intensive colours. He often erases or scratches away layers only to cover them again, transforming the painting through the very process of creation, so that the work spreads over the canvas in its own abstract dynamic rather like a piece of music become visible. His sculptures, built from drink cans then covered with colourful stickers and constructed, collage-like, into towers, offer a bright contrast to his abstract artistic works.

Frank Nitsche has installed one of these sculptures in the conservatory at Schloss Marquardt. A column of empty drink cans rises from the floor to the ceiling, its appearance dominated by colourful stickers. Through this garish sculpture, Frank Nitsche is presenting the power of advertising and consumerism. Influenced by a permanent flood of visual images, the beholder immediately associates the seen with products. The labels and slogans accompanying the image of a column from the world of consumerism and commerce highlight the force of the needs that world creates. In the neighbouring room, Frank Nitsche is showing a large-format abstract painting where wave-like lines wind and coil across monochrome colour surfaces.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2011 I Am Single, Nanzuka Underground Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Cocktailhybridconcept feat. Yves Netzhammer, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, Germany
2009 Artiste Maudit, Sint-Lukasgalerie, Brussels, Belgien
2007 INTERNATIONAL, Musée d’art moderne et contemporain, Strasbourg, France

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 Verlorene Form, Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Berlin, Germany
2010 Kunst von der Romantik bis zur Gegenwart, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden, Germany
2010 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London, UK
2009 Berlin 2000, PaceWildenstein, New York, USA
2008 Living Landscapes, A Journey through German Art, National Art Museum, Beijing, China