Rohkunstbau XIX. MORAL

Rohkunstbau XIX. MORAL

For its exhibition in 2013, the XIX. Rohkunstbau brought together ten international artists who by the means of a wide variety of site-specific art dealt with this year's theme of “Moral”. From 11 August to 22 September the magnificent mansion of Roskow offered the scenery for this unique cultural event. It was already the 19th exhibition of Rohkunstbau in Brandenburg and displayed the second part of the exhibition cycle “The Ring”, which is inspired by Richard Wagner's “Ring of the Nibelung” and started in 2011 with the topic “Power”.  

With his total artwork, based on the classical Germanic myth of the Song of the Nibelungs, Wagner’s musical interpretation always inspired intellectual and discourse on an international level. Up to today, Wagner’s opus offers a broad basis for critical dispute concerning global culture, interpretation of his total work of art and cultural perception.

Based on this, the ten artists engaged themselves in the idea of moral against the background of Wagner’s “Valkyrie”. Incest, love, betrayal and its consequences intertwine in this drama. Gathered under the notion of moral, in 2013 – bicentenary of Wagner’s birth and at the same time his 130th obit – they form the main theme of the XIX. Rohkunstbau. On this basis for debate, the artworks created for this occasion ask about universal moral and ethics as well as about current societal and individual basic conflicts.

The concept of Rohkunstbau is simple, though: internationally noted as well as young aspiring artists are invited to create art outside of usual cultural sites while considering a common topic. In 2013, Rohkunstbau showed pieces by:
Marcel Bühler (D)
Margret Eicher (D)
Valérie Favre (CH)
Philipp Fürhofer (D)
Zlatko Kopljar (HR)
Elke Silvia Krystufek (A)
Katharina Sieverding (D)
Annelies Štrba (CH)
Ming Wong (SGP)
Michael Wutz (D)

This concept also offers advantages for the communities hosting the event. Not surprisingly, Ulrich Pleßke, by then mayor in Roskow, warmly welcomed the exhibition. (Zitty 17-2013). The newspaper Tagesspiegel considered the XIX. Rohkunstbau a serendipity, provided by excellent artists (11.08.2013), while the Berliner Zeitung praises their playfully manifold approach towards the theme as well as the location’s charm (15.08.2013). taz (29. 08. 2013) even deems that in the small suggestively staged exhibitions, huge topics often have been dealt with better than in many biennales and is delighted by Schloss Roskow as crude but romantic scenery for the ten promising artists from all over the world, who are always involved. In its “Fazit”, Deutschlandradio also hopes for more of this.

The XIX. Rohkunstbau “Moral“ could only take place thanks to the support and generous collaboration of the participating artists and the engagement of all persons involved.  A special thank you goes to the owner of the Roskow mansion, Bodo Krug von Nidda, who made his house available for the exhibition.