Marcel Bühler

Marcel Bühler Rohkunstbau 2013

In his work Marcel Bühler critically reflects upon his own genre, the Fine Arts. He questions functions and procedures of the art market, observes and analyses his own as well as other artists’ work processes. In his work no conclusiveness of stylistic devices can be found — be it light installations, sculptures or collages — Marcel Bühler continuously shows critical statements. His light installations shine colourful like billboards on a fair, yet »Art Sucks« or »Paradise Lost« negate the funny colourful light bulbs, that build the logo, showing the ironic critique of the medium art. An artist himself, he ironically degrades his field of work, as well as the market that secures his livelihood: Without artists there would be no art market, without the market no artists could survive today, they are mutually dependent.

For Rohkunstbau the artist has created several works that continue to refer to quotes from known philosophers and moralists: Macchiavelli (»The One Trick Pony«), Michel de Certeau or Jean Ziegler. The piece »No money no friend« (at the same time a quote from the book cover of »Africa, the new colonization« by Jean Ziegler) ironically mirrors the situation of last year’s Rohkunstbau. The artist used the left over materials, he had planned to use for Rohkunstbau, which was supposed to take place in 2012.

»Eye to eye«*1 or »That, which never belongs to you«*2
»I like the word (to) believe. I think commonly, when people say they know, then they do not actually know but believe.«*3
»A quotation is […] the absolute weapon of make-belief. It plays with what the other supposedly believes; hence it is the device through which reality is formed. Quoting someone in behalf of reality, makes those [images] trustworthy, which were produced at a certain place [at a certain time] [for a certain purpose].«*4
»I’ll never say again what I believe and I’ll never believe again what I say. In case a true word will ever slip, I’ll hide it behind so many lies that it will never be found.«*5
»Perhaps I am just an eye [...] held in the air by a power unknown to me. An eye with a burned lid.«*6
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Zitatschnitt/ Composition of citations: Jana Seehusen, Juli 2013

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)
2012 Kosmos, Galerie Andrae Kaufmann, Berlin, Germany
2011 art sucks, ATELIERFRANKFURT, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2010 Tristesse Bourgeoise, Nolde Stiftung, Berlin, Germany
2009 Die halbe Reise, Cream Contemporary, Berlin, Germany
2003 Kunstverein Schwerin, Germany

Group Exhibitions (Selection)
2012 Spiegelkabinette, Galerie der Künstler, Munich, Germany
2012 Heterotopolis, by Marko Ciciliani (Konzeption, Komposition) and Marcel Bühler (Konzeption, Laser show). World premiere at the centre for Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe, Germany
2011 Skulpturentriennale Bingen, Bingen am Rhein, Germany
2010 15 Jahre Villa Aurora, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany
2010 the mistake, Essays and Observations, Berlin, Deutschland
2009 Antirepresentationalism: II: Trouble with Realism, KOW, Berlin, Germany