Michael Wutz

Michael Wutz Rohkunstbau 2013

Michael Wutz‘ large-sized paper works show the classic vanitassymbols: Skulls are the main theme in nearly all his work. They lie in the bird’s nest negating the symbol of new life with death and evanescence. Instead of leaves they grow from trees not being unsettled in their death symbolism by delicate green vines. Depressing sceneries reveal themselves to the observer. Gloomy landscapes bristled with skulls are reminiscent of the scenarios of hell by a Hieronymus Bosch, putting forward an equal scope of detail. In large-size etchings the artist works on the frightening utopias of Germania of the National Socialists as an association of skulls, that make the regime’s delusion of grandeur all the more apparent. The play with morbidity keeps finding historic and cultural-historic reference points, which are translated into the oppressively beautiful work.

For Rohkunstbau, the artist deals intensely with the history of the family von Katte, who has settled in the region around Roskow since the 14th century and built the castle. The current owner Bodo Krug von Nidda, son of a women von Katte, rebought the castle into family property. The family is known today, because their member, known by the name of »Katte« was a childhood friend of Frederick the Great. He was executed in front of Frederick’s eyes because of this friendship. Michael Wutz draws up a family tree upon a  blackboard (the building has been used as a village school during GDR-times), that addresses incest inside noble families. Incest, being one of the main themes of Wagner’s »Valkyrie«— Brunhilde sides with the loving siblings Siegmund and Sieglinde and only then provokes the basic conflict between her and her father Wotan.

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)
2011 Horst-Janssen Museum, Oldenburg, Germany
2010 Tales, Lies and Exaggerations, Aurel Scheibler, Berlin, Germany
2010 Narcoleptica, Galerie Friese, Stuttgart, Germany
2007 silver flat lining, Volitant Gallery, Austin, USA

Group Exhibitions (Selection)
2012 Berlin.Status (2) Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
2012 Es gibt, curated by Christian Malycha, Montabaur, Germany
2012 David Schutter, Michael Wutz, Leon Golub, Aurel Scheibler, Berlin, Germany
2011 Zeitenwende, Saluting the End, JAUS, Los Angeles, USA
2011 DEAD_Lines. Der Tod in Kunst-Medien-Alltag, Galerie der Stadt Remscheid, Germany
2010 UM Festival für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Gerswalde, Germany
2009 Paper Rules, Apartment Draschan, Vienna, Austria
2008 Apocalyptic Landscapes, Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands