Eva Castringius

Eva Castringius
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Eva Castringius

Depending on her concept, the artist, Eva Castringius, combines various forms of expression such as photography, painting or installations. Traveling is an important part of her reflections about different cultures. She collects her impressions in photo books and melds them into socio-political voyages of discovery and picture stories narrated with perceptive. These stories deal with, comment and question the history of the respective country. In contrast she creates locally specific installations by combining several artificial elements into one extensive “Gesamtkunstwerk”.

For Rohkunstbau Eva Castringius has focused on the location itself. Photographs of her last stay in Tibet are mounted on the coloured strings she has tied crisscross throughout the room. Inspired by the prayer flags and the inscribed wishes that hang in Tibetan temples, her work presents itself like a maze of clotheslines; colourful and playful. Viewers have to find a way through this flood of images and at the same time, they are confronted with many impressions. At second glance, thematically ambivalent strands that suggest the complexity of Tibetan culture and its endangerment become apparent. These strings, spanned crisscross across the room, recall the Norn’s threads of fate in Wagner’s “The Ring of the Nibelung”. They cut Siegfried’s thread thus causing his death and the empire’s doom, which leads to the “Twilight of the Gods”. In Castringius’ work the threads of fate lie in the hands of Tibetan tapestry makers as a symbol of faith and the strength of their own culture.


2014        Clash (with Kermit Berg), thossprojekte c/o galerie schmidtmarc, Berlin, Germany
2013        GerryCanMore (photo installation), Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada
2012        The Golden Thread, Berlin, Germany (Studio presentation made at the visit of the Grants Committee of the Senate for Cultural Affairs, Berlin, Germany)
2011        Back Country, Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen, Germany
2010        In Transition, Das Dreilinden-Projekt, Raststätte Dreilinden, Berlin, Germany

2013        L’Age d’Or, General Public, Berlin, Germany
Wasser, whiteBOX, Munich, Germany; CASO Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2012        Transatlantic Movements, Residence of the American Ambassador in Berlin, Deutsche Guggenheim/ Villa Aurora, Berlin, Germany
2010/2011    Transatlantische Impulse, Villa Aurora, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany
2010        Lands End, Landschaft zwischen Bild und Raum, Shedhalle, Zurich, Switzerland

Represented in various private collections.

In 2001, Eva Castringius held a scholarship at the Villa Aurora, Los Angeles, USA