Heritage, Identity and Communication in European Contemporary Art Practices

For three years, the project "HEICO - Heritage, Identity and Communication in Contemporary European Art Practices" focussed on the border crossing, cultural exchange. With partners in Germany, the Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia the themes of borderland, border experiences, war experience, the heritage of differing cultures and the same political system, belonging, foreignness and identity are key terms and common elements of the east- and south European home regions of our partner institutions were adressed. These experiences have an impact on the practise of contemporary art, where they are reflected or continued, and create something new and shared.
Within the project exhibitions and seminars were held. This publication documents the work of all the partner institutions in the HEICO project.

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1. Introduction

2. Presentation of the partner institutions

  • GeoAIR
  • KSA:K
  • ATA
  • ACSL

3. ATLANTIS 11 at the Venice Biennale 2011

4. FLUID GROUND - a workshop at the Black Sea

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