I Remember Chernobyl

Heinrich-Böll-Foundation Brandenburg e.V., Germany

"I Remember Chernobyl", 4-channel-video-installation of "Inamillionyears.com"

On the first weekend of March 2011, a new picture was etched on the collective memory, the explosion in Fukushima. Because of this event we have decided to open a blog in an addition to our website. This blog gives us an opportunity to communicate with more topicality and spread more information about the resistance against nuclear power. At the same time, we have initiated the campaign: "I remember Chernobyl". There, people from all over the world will tell their personal memories about the power plant accident in Chernobyl in one to two minute long video statements. After the catastrophe on April 26th in 1986, similar events to this we can now recognize in Fukushima, there is a considerable uncertainty due to a lack of information - it took days before some information about recent happenings and their dangers for the population had been released for public dissemination. Pictures from Fukushima in Japan have revived memories of the core meltdown in Chernobyl and with it the memories of fears, measures, talks and consequences. Today, 25 years later, we want to renew, publish and keep alive the memories of Chernobyl with the help of short video statements which contain stories about that time.


More videos of the project "Inamillionyears.com" on their website and their youtube-channel