KSA:K - Missing Artist

A project by all partners, developed at the Venice Biennale 2011 in responsibility of KSA:K - Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau


Art-group SOLD OUT!!! - Adel Idris, Denis Bartenev

1. - 7.06.2011

Venice Biennale, Documentary film (40-45 minutes length) edited using the equipment provided by KSA:K Center. Mini DV tapes, printing flyers and posters.

Missing artist is a project that pops up as a response to the participants selected by the local authorities (Ministry of Culture) to represent the national pavilion of Moldova at the Venice Biennale. In Moldova the process was non-transparent and incomprehensible, and as a result none of the contemporary art scene artists or projects were selected.

The artist group “SOLD OUT!”(especially formed for this undertaking) conducted research on the subject by questioning the model of national representation and documenting a number of study cases (national pavilions): Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Germany and Slovakia.

SOLD OUT were searching for a missing link between the national pavilions at the Venice Biennale, they were guerrilla detectives disguised as journalists, but truly “real” artists. They are a missing link, a connection between dilettantes and professional artists; they represent a successful attempt to imitate real artists by creating this kind of project. Specially formed for this event, the art-group SOLD OUT!!! highlights the participation of the Moldovan and other national pavilions at the Venice Biennial and has observed it “en masse”.

As soon as they got to the Biennale, they began documenting “evidence” and showed this material on mobile screening devices while engaging the audience in a search for a missing artist. SOLD OUT!!! also used visual media in the form of flyers and posters, in which they included a list of special features, to integrate the public into the MISSING ARTIST concept.

The final output was a documentary film presented to a wider audience within the context of the HEICO partnership in collateral events/projects (Georgia, Slovakia, Armenia, Germany, Moldova). The general public will be able to grasp the Biennial concept and the art-scene will be given the techniques needed to represent itself at this kind of event. It will also draw attention to Moldova’s and other countries  involved in the HEICO project countries role, as well as make cultural officials more visible and accountable.