As the introduction to a four-year cycle of shows, the ROHKUNSTBAU XVIII is highlighting the subject of power in its 2011 summer exhibition - in a free interpretation taking Wagner's "Ring of the Nibelung" as its point of reference. "The Rhinegold" with its seeds of conflict in unrequited love and an overwhelming desire for power defines the context of the topics explored in the first part of the ROHKUNSTBAU Ring. In today's society, the idea of power tends to have a negative connotation, and is generally with a craving for power, suppression, manipulation or even avarice. Hardly any other concept has been discussed and interpreted in such conflicting ways. The French philosopher Focault, for example, who considered power to "productive capacity", saw it as a principle of development and integration in our society and, hence, as a practical principle.

The ROHKUNSTBAU Art Festival has a long established tradition of presenting site-specific contemporary art. This summer it has once again brought together a group of international artists to present their works to an interested audience at a location outside the mainstream art scene.