ZEMOS98 (Spain)

ZEMOS98 is an initiative, which works and investigates on contemporary narratives, free culture and social innovation. ZEMOS98 believes in culture as an element for social transformation and not just as entertainment; education as something which can happen anytime and anywhere; mutual support networks and the social economy; experimentation (on a formal level and also on a content level); remix as a tool to deconstruct the dominant messages; mediation as a pedagogical tool; media and digital literacy.

ZEMOS98 has organized for the last 17 years the ZEMOS98 Festival, an international reference on issues related to digital culture and experimental narratives. ZEMOS98 it is part of the ​Doc Next Network​ - a network of independent organizations working in the field of the ​socially engaged culture and new media art​ across the UK, Turkey, Holland, Poland and Spain.

ZEMOS98 as investigator and publisher: either online, as in ​EMBED.at as a magazine about contemporary audiovisual narratives (in Spanish); either books: “​Creation and Collective Intelligence” ​(2005) , ​”TV Does Not Shoot It” (2006),​“Source Code: The Remix” (2009)​, a fiction­essay about the possibilities of files, sampling and infinite palimpsest published along with Mar Villaespesa and “​Expanded Education”​(2012) ​published with Juan Freire & Rubén Díaz. At this moment ZEMOS98 prepares Copylove, about commons, communities and care.

Contact details:
Espacio ZEMOS98
C/ Palma del Río, 20
Local A Sevilla 41008
email: info(at)zemos98.org
phone +34 954 22 74 93