PUC Participation in Urban Climate-Protection

The success of urban climate protection measures largely depends upon the participation of the population. The new publication of the PUC project examines and discusses both theoretical contributions as well as practical experiences, a framework for citizen participation in various European countries.

Cities and municipalities play an important role in climate protection. The majority of climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions are generated in cities, and the largest share of energy is consumed here. Their commitment is thus crucial for achieving the European climate goals.

The success of urban climate protection measures largely depends upon participation by its citizens and stakeholders. Climate protection measures under direct control of municipal authorities represent only a small part of what is possible, and climate protection policies often demand broad acceptance on the part of the population. So only together with all relevant actors and civil society, can urban climate policy work to its full potential.

This publication explores how this joint approach to local climate protection can be best achieved. It draws on theoretical insights as well as practical experience, with a main focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The framing conditions for participation processes in different European countries are discussed, various models of participation introduced, and inspiring examples from nine European cities presented.

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