Rohkunstbau XX - Revolution starts on July 6 in the Roskow Castle

For two decades now Rohkunstbau has been the fabulous exhibition of contemporary art in Brandenburg – now it’s time for a “Revolution”. Since 1994, the exhibition Rohkunstbau passionately promotes contemporary art and culture as well as the rediscovery and revitalization of almost forgotten cultural sites in the rural regions of Brandenburg. In this year’s anniversary exhibition Rohkunstbau will deal with a current and significant issue. The twentieth exhibition is dedicated to the theme of "revolution" and asks not only for social or political revolutions, but also for the revolutionary power of art. Both in the context of current social changes, as well as in retrospect of the 25th anniversary of the peaceful revolution of 1989, the theme for the eleven participating artists serves as a framework for the discussion of revolutionary ideas, their constitution and the possibility of change and transformation.

The exhibition Rohkunstbau XX "revolution" takes place from July 6th to September 21st 2014 at Roskow castle in the district Potsdam-Mittelmark and follows the exhibitions of recent years on the topics "power" and "morality". "Revolution" is also inspired by the narrative from Wagner's four-part drama "The ring of the Nibelung". The curator Mark Gisbourne freely links the topic with the figure of Siegfried. But the focus does not lie on heroism itself, but rather on the ideas of change and challenge that question the prevailing cultural and visual order of the world. Therefore the central question is: Is there still the possibility of a creative, social, cultural or political revolution – especially in this highly technology-driven age? For the eleven participating artists this opens up the possibility not only to reflect on the obvious socio-cultural aspects of a revolution, but also to think about what they themselves see as revolutionary or progressive in their own artistic work. The curator Mark Gisbourne explicitly calls upon the artists to make use of their own unique vocabulary to design the theme of "revolution" and at the same time find a way to translate these ideas into today’s world. The central question is: Can art still be revolutionary?

The participating artists will be:

Nevin Aladağ                         (D)        installation, sculpture
Eva Castringius                      (D)        painting, photography, installation
Smadar Dreyfus                     (IL) &
Lennaart van Oldenborgh      (NL)        video
Ruprecht von Kaufmann        (D)         painting
Markus Keibel                        (D)        installation, painting, sculpture
Alicja Kwade                         (D)        installation, sculpture
Robert Lucander                    (FI)        painting, drawing
Erik Schmidt                           (D)       painting, video
Ion Sur                                   (D)        painting, soundinstallation
Nasan Tur                              (D)        photography, video, installation

Nezaket Ekici                         (D/TR)    performance, video