XXI. Rohkunstbau - Apokalypse

 Philipp Lachenmann, Pleyades Series (Polyeder_3), 2015

Rohkunstbau XXI presents the fourth and final chapter of a series of thematic exhibitions derived from Wagner’s epic opera cycle The Ring of the Nibelung. The focus of the 2015 exhibition is Apokalypse (Apocalypse), loosely inspired by Götterdämmerung (The Twilight of the Gods). But instead of being an exact interpretation of Götterdämmerung, the exhibition draws on Wagner’s notion of an end and subsequent beginning: The notion of transition serves as the focus of the examination of apocalypse.

The participating artists approach the theme of downfall and subsequent new beginning from vastly different perspectives. The artistic investigations revolve around themes of family, power, societal relationships, natural disasters, or the cycle of life. Rohkunstbau XXI. presents works of nine artists and one artistic duo referring to the theme of „Apocalypse“: an exciting exhibition at a special place.

The topic of apocalypse suits this location well. The palace in Roskow was erected by the von Katte Family from 1723. Hans-Hermann von Katte was beheaded in 1730 on the order of King Frederick William I, after von Katte had helped the king’s son with his attempted escape from his father. The executioner’s sword hung in the palace until 1945, three years later it came to the Museum of the City of Brandenburg an der Havel, where it has been archived until today.

Exclusively for Rohkunstbau XXI. Philip Grözinger is producing a series of linoleum prints with motifs that respond to the paintings shown in the exhibition. The prints have been produced in numbered editions of 50 and will be available for purchase as of June 20, 2015. All prints are signed and were produced by Grözinger by hand.

Further information: www.rohkunstbau.de

We would like to thank the artists for their participation

Sandra Boeschenstein (CH)                          drawing

Olga Chernysheva (RU)                                            video, drawing, photography

Philip Grözinger (D)                                      painting

Leiko Ikemura (JP)                                        painting, sculpture, video

Žižić | Kožul (HR)                                         sculpture

Philip Lachenmann (D)                                 painting, sculpture, installation

Dominik Lejman (PL)                                    painting, video

Christiane Möbus(D)                                     sculpture

Miguel Rothschild (AR)                                sculpture

Daniel Silver (GB)                                         sculpture


In addition to this year’s exhibition, which takes place this summer at Schloss Roskow, Rohkunstbau was also present this year at the 56th Venice Biennale. As part of the European funded project REALISE – The Resilience of Art in Liquid Crises, in May 2015 six European art and cultural institutions presented artistic positions that examined crisis and resilience in a joint exhibition at the Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael in Venice. REALISE is organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation Brandenburg. As its contribution, Rohkunstbau presented the performance Permanent Words by Nezaket Ekici, whose work was shown on Schiffbauergasse in Potsdam for Rohkunstbau XX. in 2014.

As part of REALISE, various additional events and exhibitions will be held in Graz, Zagreb, Bratislava, Sevilla, Thessaloniki, and other locations through October 2016. The multifaceted project is compiled and documented on the website www.realiseproject.eu.