Holly Hendry

Born in London in 1990, is a sculptor whose works include plaster, steel, marble, granite and chewing gum.

What will endure? How will the world look without us? British sculptor Holly Hendry is interested in geological future scenarios in which ...

... the techno-modern will have become part of the sedimentary layers of the earth. Hendry fills museum and gallery spaces with wondrous geological cross sections. Objects encased within structures of marshmallow-coloured materials fashioned by unknown forces allow conclusions to be drawn about extinct civilisations. There are marble chunks, metal objects, chewing gum and artificial bones from the pet shop. The masses in which the objects are enclosed could be soft rock, but also a semi-organic substance. Hendry is interested in so-called stromatolites, which are biogenic sedimentary rocks that microorganisms have helped to create.
Through the medium of sculpture, the artist, who studied at the Royal College of Art in London, negotiates questions of corporeality, also in the sense of a material remnant that remains from each one of us. This becomes clear in another group of works, namely lean structures that are a cross between skeletons, robot scaffolding and comic stick-figures. "Metal work with feet" is a lanky truncated skeleton with droll feet and strange bite marks in the metal. Notches and gaps play an important role in British sculptural thinking. "Gaps enable access from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. It's the gaps that make us realise that something is missing", says the artist, who deftly combines seriousness and wit in her work.

Solo Exhibitions (a selection)
2017 For a Skeleton to Hang Soft Tissues On, Arratia Beer, Berlin, Germany
2016 Backwash: Holly Hendry, Rice & Toye, Soho, London, UK
2015 More and More, More is More, Bosse & Baum, Peckham, London, UK
2014 Visits: Holly Hendry, The Oval, Hackney, London, UK

Group Exhibitions (a selection)
2018 Beautiful World, where are you?, Liverpool Biennal, UK
2017 Ho Ho Ho, Frutta Gallery, Rome, Italy
2016 Show 2016, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2013 Tomorrow, The Gallery, Redchurch Street, London, UK