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Mirror of Alterity

Refugees and the Fear of the Other. Contemporary art from Middle and Eastern Europe. What has been a scandal in Bratislava – now to see in Berlin!

Europe has become a refuge for the disregarded and persecuted people in the regions of war and conflict all over the world. The whole of Europe? No, a big part of European populations is frightened by strangers and refuses to welcome refugees. The fear of the unknown stirs up emotions and partly evokes xenophobic affects. Especially in Eastern parts of Europe, a majority of the populations balk at the reception of refugees – while their governments make use of this tense atmosphere by strengthening an increasingly populist and authoritarian style of politics.


"Culture, the City and the Commons" was an interdisciplinary encounter  produced by ZEMOS98 and taking place in Seville, Spain during three days between 29 June and 1 July, 2016.


On billboards and advertising pillars in various Austrian cities, one can find at present 150 posters showing various artists-composed slogans dealing with the “sold out” of values in times of crisis.

The Society of the Spectacle

Croatian Association of Fine Arts presented "The Society of the Spectacle" - an international group exhibition as part of REALISE project from March 10 - April 10, 2016 in Zagreb.

The Impact of Art for Social Change

Within a series of workshops, a conference and an exhibition, ArtBOX initiated together with the municipality of Thessaloniki an exchange about the impact of art for social change.

Symposium SOLD OUT

From 01st until 05th of July 2015, next – Verein fuer zeitgenoessische Kunst invited artists, philosophers and scientists to take part at the symposium SOLD OUT in Graz.


Rohkunstbau XXI. presents works of ten international artists referring to the theme of „Apocalypse“: an exciting exhibition at a special place.


On the occasion of the preview of the 56th Venice Biennale 2015 the exhibition REALISE & RESIST was shown in Venice. The exhibition focused on video works dealing with various phenomena of crisis.

REALISE project launch

REALISE addresses the great number of recent phenomenons of crisis. By means of contemporary art different individual, social, economic as well as ecological crises will be analysed and discussed.


Over the past years Europe has met several deep crises. Through the lens of crises and by encouraging people engaged in the artistic and cultural sector, insights as well as alternative models, know-how and future concepts are going to be developed. An interactive virtual exhibition platform will open the results of the project to a wider European public


A presentation of the research phase and lecture series to a Georgian audience in collaboration with the architect Levan Asabashvili.

Time future in the time past

Now that Batumi has regained new life and importance, old pieces of art and artworks are being reassessed and recognized. Café Fantasy is a work by George Chakhava.

XVIII. Rohkunstbau POWER

ROHKUNSTBAU XVIII revealed many faces of the transformative aspects of "Power" as derived from Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold", part one of the four-part German saga of the Nibelungenlied.


In the context of the development of market relations and of the emergence of the neoliberal economy, this performance is a metaphor for the adaptation of the former Union (the USSR) to new realities.

Common Identity

The aim of COMMON IDENTITY? is to reflect the issues of heritage, identity and communication in European contemporary art practices.

Urban Dreams

An exhibition/archive/library of European artistic urban research at the Center for Contemporary Art, the Ancient Bath and interventions in public spaces of Plovdiv.